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The cosplay network has had 2019-03-16

The cosplay network has had its honest percentage of drama,with a few cosplayers and photographers being accused of Cosplay Costumes sexual attack.Now we've got controversy surrounding cosplay photographer Michael Benedict,with human beings coming forward that he has placed hidden cameras within the changing room throughout photoshoots.Benedict is a regarded cosplayer photographer inside the Southern California place,and he has allegedly admitted that he turned into recording footage of cosplayers changing in the studio's converting room without their expertise and consent.

"We as a collection don't generally name human beings out but after locating out approximately this the admins and I felt that this needed to be out.Michael Benedict has been putting a spycam in changing rooms when he does shoots.I can most effective imagine the impact that this is going to should the trust among photographers and cosplayers.

This sort of behavior isn't welcomed in this organization and there is a 0 tolerance coverage to some thing that puts cosplayers and photographers in risk.I don't know Michael thoroughly but it sickens me to recognize that he has shot with human beings he met thru this institution.

Everyone desires to test themselves and conduct themselves as experts.He has been eliminated and banned from this institution and any of our occasions.There goes to be a few modifications coming to assist protect towards this type of component.I don't even realize what else to mention…"

Hyland,a adolescence Star Wars fan and self-admitted sci-fi nerd,went to his first con,or convention,in 2012,and became mesmerised by way of the fantastic stormtrooper outfits that have been on display.

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